J. Croft

Was it that “trailer trash redneck” in the cheap ‘rasslin t-shirt that raised your taxes? If that’s true, why does he look almost homeless himself? White folks write sad country songs and take up angry rap for good reasons. You think those people live in rundown trailer parks and drive beat pickups because it’s fashionable to be economically screwed? Poor white trash have been getting the shaft as long as the rich have been importing blacks and exterminating the natives.

Was it the “wetbacks” hanging out at the bus stop corner for a ride to their farm jobs that voted in a smoke filled back room to deindustrialize America(by that I mean ship our means of production-our factories-overseas)? If that’s true, why are they here by the millions looking for work? They get screwed over by their “leaders” enough to be motivated to migrate here, and they get screwed by what they find out is the most insidious caste system in history?

Was it those “dotheads” operating the local convenient food mart that thought it’d be a great ideal to have “free trade” that’s sucked America dry of wealth? How does robbing people of their jobs, and money, make them want to buy more? And wouldn’t they suffer too? They immigrated America, they’d want to enjoy being an American-not regret it.

Was it those gangbanging “niggers” who wrecked our education system, and turned our cities into blighted war zones? If anyone’s the victims of deliberately dumbed down public schools, drug smuggling, and economic warfare, it’s the blacks. And anyone else too poor to move out of a slum. They didn’t create the problems, they grew up in them and became the twisted stereotypes of your manipulated nightmares.

Was it those “camel jockeys” operating another liquor store that think it’s a great plan to further shackle ordinary Americans with intrusive ID schemes cooked up by former Soviet apparatchiks, while our borders are made more wide open than a Hollywood Hooker’s legs at midnight? Sure it’s the official line that Muslims were behind 9/11, but anyone who saw the live broadcasts heard further explosions at the moment the towers came down… as if being demolished. And our vaunted air defenses let FOUR lumbering passenger planes fly off course for over an hour… passing over nuclear power plants that if penentrated would make the most populous sections of our nation a radioactive dead zone? Approaching major metropolitan areas unchallenged? No. Just as much as that gas station owner does NOT think that transforming the United States of America into a reborn Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is nothing less than the uttermost evil-triumphing over whatever good America has done in promoting Freedom.

Was it those “chinks” in the laundromat who cause our money to buy less, even as we make less of it to begin with? You, I-certainly not the average Chinese controls our money. The federal reserve does by how much money it prints out. It causes inflation, printing more money, thus making each dollar buy less, and making all kinds of market manias-imbalances that eventually, inevitably burst. They can and have also shut off the money supply, causing depressions. And it’s done on purpose to keep us all poor.

Was it those “injuns” who take up to half your wages before you even see them on your paycheck? It’s the government-robbing you of your earnings before you even see them with a hundred different taxes. A hundred different excuses, much as the Native Americans were given a hundred different excuses why their lands were swindled from them, and their peoples had a genocidal war waged against them.

No. It’s not your favorite race to hate that has turned living in America into a nightmare. It is the fault of rich folks and other power craving fools of any origin. It always has been; inheriting vast wealth, they seek more control. Thus, they take over government and craft the laws and taxes and bureaucracies to serve them… meaning we get served with the theft of the fruits of our labors, the theft of justice, the theft of our freedoms, the theft of our future, the theft of our security.

This is what we have to learn again. This is what we have to rediscover as not only Americans, but as Human Beings who stand and say WE shall determine our destiny. WE shall determine how we live. WE shall have have freedom and whatever sacrifices it takes by each of us to keep our freedom, we shall. Until we do that, we shall have tyranny, we shall have the fruits of our labors systematically robbed from us, we shall not have justice nor freedom.

So why waste time hating folks in the same boat as you?

The Black Man, the White Man, the Red Man, the Brown Man, the Yellow Man. We are all united under a common denominator: our culture, our economies, our laws, our institutions, our communites, they have all been subverted and are being systematically destroyed… WE are being systematically destroyed.

We can combat this. Each of us is an individual with the capacity for free will, to do right or wrong. Step back from your racial and social predjudices-which are programmed into you by the way-and look at the next person different from you as an individual being as afflicted by what he or she’s forced to live in as you. All of us pay excessive and unnecessary taxes, have to submit to arrogant, preening bureaucrats for licenses to do and go to what is our natural right. All of us can at any time become the victim of a sadistic, hardnosed crook with a badge and a gun and be systematically destroyed by the state. All of us can have our means of living robbed by greedy rich bluebloods and their sycophant lackeys when they move your job to a Third World Hellhole.

Talk to them. They’re in the same boat as you. And then stand by them and fight for what’s ours.

J. Croft

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